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Burj Khalifa (Buri Dubai) 

General information:

Location: Dubai, UAE

Building features:


-         Top Floor at 160 floor

-         Night club at 144 floor

-         Observation deck at 124 floor, open to public

-         Floor 17-107: Residential (apartments)

-         Site Area 104,210 m² (1.121x106  ft2)


-         Building height:  828 m (2717 ft)

Mechanical system

-         57 Elevator including

-         World’s fastest elevators top speeds at 1073 m/min (40 mph).

-         World’s longest service elevator: vertical distance of 500 meters:


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)


-         Construction start date: January 2004

-         Open date: January 4, 2010

-         Concrete volume: 330,000 cubic meters (11.5 million cubic feet)

-         Weight of  rebar 39,000 metric tons

-         Area of glass 142,000 square meters (1.5 million square feet)

-         Construction labor 22 million man-hour.

Structural Design

-Reinforced Concrete structure with high performance concrete core.

-Building is in a general Y shape.  Each leg steps down in a spiral stepping pattern to avoid built-up of wind vortices.

- Structural system includes a hexagonal hub at center that is enhanced with high performance concrete core and perimeter columns at each wing.

- The structure is extreme stiff laterally and torsionally.


Equivalent to UBC 97 seismic zone 2A


Basic wind speed 26 meter per second mean value (58 mph), or 45 meter per second for 3 second gust (101 mph).