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Petronas Towers

General information:

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Building features:


-         Floor Count 88

-         Floor Area: Twin towers each has 218000 m² (18 million square feet)


Twin 451.9 m (1482 ft)


-         Retail facilities.

-         Fitness center on Levels 5-6;

-         Offices on Levels 7-84; restaurants on Levels 86-88;

-         Observation decks.

-         Communication facilities.

Architectural Design:


Reinforced concrete structure with steel and glass façade designed to resemble motifs found in isamic art reflect to Muslim religion.


-         Architect: Argentine  architects César Pelli and Djay Cerico

-         Architect consultant: Julius Gold.


Tower 1 - built by a Japanese consortium led by the Hazama Corporation while

Tower 2 - built by Samsung C&T and Kukdong Engineering & Construction, South Korean contractors.

Sky bridge – completed by Kukdong Engineering & Construction.


Construction progress by the South Korean Samsung C&T of Tower 2 was always behind that of Tower 1 by the Japanese Hazama Corp. Both sides agreed to setup their pinnacles at the same time. But, the South Korean team setup the pinnacle before the agree day to have Tower 2 became the world’s tallest building at the time.

Construction Dates:

-         Ground breaking: January 13th1998,

-         Completion: 1998


Structural system:

The towers were constructed super high-strength reinforced concrete due to high cost of steel in , Malaysia. It makes the building very heavy.  The tower is supported by 23-by-23 meter concrete cores and an outer ring of widely spaced super columns.

-         Structural material: super high strength reinforced concrete.

-         Facade material: steel and glass


Seismic risk: low.


35.1 meter per second (78.5 mph), 3-second gust, 65 mph fast mile